Why Modular

The Modular Advantage Changing the Housing Industry One Module at Time

When you combine factors like rising material and labor costs, the aging workforce, and lack of supply versus the abundance of demand, we are left with a significant problem: there are not enough places for people to live. Modern Living Solutions is committed to providing security and tenancy to the nearly 44 million Americans who need it.


Higher Quality

Our product is made in a factory controlled environment, leading to enhanced construction quality. 


Less Down Time

Our factory allows for production rain or shine, 10 hours a day, creating safer working conditions and a faster route to market.

Green Energy Icon

Greener Processes

Waste is cut by 40% through reduced carbon emissions, maximum control of factories, and other green processes.


Advanced Technology

Technology is used every step of the way on and offsite. BIM digital prototyping, precision manufacturing, and smart home services set us apart.


Faster Production

Our product reaches the market 30-50% faster. While units are being built in the factory, foundation work is being done on site.


Steel Framing

Light gauge steel framing provides high-quality product that is recyclable.

The New Route Forward Turning Projects into Products

At MLS, we turn projects into products in a factory setting, focusing highly on quality control, the reduction of waste and costs, quality of materials used, and speed to market. The factory allots for production rain or shine, year-round, which in turn provides safer working conditions. Not only can we produce our product with less than 2% waste, but we can also cut construction sequences by 40-50%, allowing our product to hit the market faster and more efficiently. We are proud to deliver cost-effective, design conscious modular apartments.