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RICH IN HISTORY Bringing New Purpose to Our Flagship Factory

Modern Living Solutions’ flagship manufacturing facility is located in Knox, Pennsylvania, a borough rich in history and industrial expertise. The factory has been active since 1917, producing everything from glassware to modular homes. Since acquiring the facility in 2020, and with help from modular experts around the world, we have put our all into transforming the factory into a best-in-class work environment with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Modern Living Solutions employee in an industrial setting, embodying the spirit of modular construction.
Modern Living Solutions

ABOUT MODULAR A Modern Approach to Housing

Modern Living Solutions is focused on addressing the chronic undersupply of housing that exists nationwide. By combining development, construction, and modular manufacturing in a vertically integrated business, we have the capacity to deliver modular apartment homes at a price point that won’t break the bank. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Greystar, the global leader in rental housing, Modern Living Solutions is positioned for success and determined to serve as a solution to the nation’s rising housing problem.

“It is exciting to see firsthand the success Modern Living Solutions is experiencing. They have added jobs to the area and boosted the region’s economy, which is a true win for all of us. Pennysylvania’s robust business environment empowers existing manufacturing companies and those looking to set up shop here, to grow and thrive.”

Secretary Neil Weaver, DCED

“Modular building is not new or unique to the market. No one has been able to take that approach, standardize it, put it into a process and come up with a product type that has a meaningful impact at the end of the day.”

Andy Mest, Managing Director

“To truly address the undersupply of housing, it takes an organization like Greystar that thinks of a solution with the resident in mind, but also has the capability to scale it.”

Rick Weston, Senior Director

“Modern Living Solutions’ greatest asset are its team members. Early on, we identified the importance of offering a total compensation package to our team members; but most importantly, we wanted to provide meaningful opportunities for those in our community. There is an eagerness amongst our team to be a part of something that is so meaningful. They are truly part of the solution of a major market shortage.”

Caitlyn McMeekin, HR Director

Greystar Logo

The Greystar Way Modern Living Solutions is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Greystar

Greystar is a globally renowned real estate company headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. It specializes in property management, investment management, and development services across various sectors including rental housing, logistics, and life sciences. Established in 1993 by Bob Faith, Greystar prioritizes delivering exceptional service in the rental residential real estate industry. With offices spanning North America, Europe, South America, and the Asia-Pacific region, Greystar manages a significant portfolio of real estate assets worldwide.